Cat's Eye® 70 psi 4 Pack, 14 in. stainless hoses

Cat's Eye® 70 psi Tire Pressure Monitoring System from Link Mfg. #6070BG00
Cat's Eye® 4 Pack, 14

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Cat's Eye® Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), 70 psi, 14-in. Stainless Hose, 4 Pack 6070BG00 from Link Mfg.Cat's Eye with stainless steel hoses installed on dual wheels
• Check tire pressure at a glance with this dual tire pressure equalization system
• For medium and heavy-duty trucks with 19 in.-21.5 in. tires
• Fits dual wheels or super single wheels (1 pair per axle)
• Designed to monitor and equalize tire pressure between two tires
• Internal check valve provides added safety by preventing both tires from going flat in the event of a leak, a blow out or when one of the pressure hoses is cut or broken
• One check point and one fill point per set of dual wheels
• Saves money on tires, fuel, and maintenance
• Spot underinflated tires easier
• Helps prevent CSA ViolationCat's Eye
• Bright yellow “eye” of the Cat’s Eye, opens up partially if tire pressure drops 5-6% below the recommended pressure setting in the tires connected to the Cat's Eye.
• Bright yellow “eye” opens completely if tire pressure drops 10% under the recomm end tire pressure. The internal check valve is activated, isolating the good tire from additional pressure loss.

Ask us about our Fleet Test Program! Cat's Eye tire maintenance system installed